What Do We Wear....OUTSIDE?

This is such a weird space right? For almost a year, we have been inside at home, with family or for a select few of us, "forced" to quarantine in some dreamy tropical vacation location until the borders were opened (the trauma of it all). It took some getting used to, being at home, adjusting to new schedules, routines, and the realization that we really didn't have to put bottoms on, like ever (just don't accidentally stand up during a web-meeting). We loved loungewear, t-shirts and tank tops became our "uniform" and we realized how much we had denied elastic the MVP status that it deserves.  Well what do we now? Some of us want to venture out, stick our toe in the shallow end, but others want to run to the nearest airport, fly half-way across the world and wear an evening gown to dinner...there's really no in-between. Wherever you fall in that scenario, just know that you are ok. I would also suggest a comfy jumpsuit, or a long maxi.  Well known for being convertible, these two winners will help you temporarily keep your promise to your waist to never confine it again, while letting you sizzle a little out in these streets.  Whatever you choose, be gentle with you, the form-fitting clothing will be there, whenever you are ready.

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