The Fun of Turning One

Isn't the saying, "time flies when you're having fun?" Business owners might modify that to say, "time flies when you are learning to refine your target market, polish your SEO, scrub your vendors list, build your marketing campaigns, self-promote, understand social media platform algorithms, perfect your customer service, discover new write-offs, track every dollar (in or out) and grow your network of clients, coaches, mentors, industry partners etc." Starting anything new can be scary and exhilarating but as you find your groove, every hat you wear gives you more confidence to keep doing the scary and exhilarating things.   Some of you were tuned in to my first live where I showed up to share my inventor without intention of selling, and launched me before I was completely prepared. You pushed me over the cliff and I had two choices, fall or fly...and flying feels great. Maybe that is the lesson, you are never completely prepared, you can spend so much time researching, building, strategizing, planning and still never feel ready.  Some times your village knows just when to give you the push. Thank you for being part of the village, thank you for strutting the catwalk of life with us for a year, and thank you for all of the referrals, shares, business cards passed along and reviews.  "Thank you" are two small words, but I much prefer action, so please enjoy 30% off 5/24 - 5/31, happy shopping!

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