Pre-Gaming the Holiday Retail Rush

Per usual, the stores have skipped the season of gratefulness and flown right into Christmas.  You are cruising the aisles of Hobby Lobby with your pumpkin spice latte and hearing carols playing while you check out the tree themes.  Me, I’m in the candle aisle at the grocery store, becoming irritated that the only scents on sale Christmas-themed: Fig and Nutmeg, Fire-roasted chestnuts, Fir-riffic, Won’t you be Pine etc. etc.  This year, I’m shopping early and while the rest of the folks are in the cold fighting over the last decent teacher’s gift, I’ll be in the house sipping cider through a straw.   I don’t want you to be that one…cold, hangry, and wondering if a nutcracker could be considered a great gift.  Join me in some Christmas Pre-Gaming with 50% off of pretty much the entire site, shop, buy, wrap, nap. Your total with discount will be reflected in your cart at check out, no code needed!

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