Hey Majestic and Grand Ones, This Is Your Month!

Do you know what the name "August" means? It means "majestic dignity" or "grandeur".  Those words paint pictures of royalty, but not just someone who wears a crown on their head and carries a title but one who is acutely aware of the royalty that runs in their blood.  Do you know someone like that? They may be the florist at the grocery store, the stylist at the hair salon, the teller at the bank, the dean at the university or the nurse practitioner that gave you your annual exam but they walk and talk like they were dressed by maidens in the morning and have never have to threaten to "turn this car around." SSsshhh, come close, a little closer, I want to share a secret...she is YOU! You may not feel like it, heck, you may not even believe it, but we all have little kingdoms and we are la reina (the queen) of each one. This really has no connection to fashion or clothing or anything that is waiting for you in the boutique, we just need a reminder of who we are every now and then.  You my Majestic and Grand One may consider yourself reminded, Happy August!

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