Temperature Check

Where in the country are you? I am in Texas and it is hot! So while I shop for the boutique, to order inventory for the next couple of months, it is so hard for me to click "buy" on the sweaters, joggers, coats, jackets and knit dresses.  The thought of donning any of those items makes me want to go run and jump into the pool, clothes and all.  I like warm weather, but I don't like being over-dressed so expect layers, pieces that you can mix and match to help ease me into the idea that as fast as time is moving, fireplaces and thick-fuzzy socks will be here before you know it.  Lead times (the amount of time that elapses between when an order is placed and when the goods are shipped) tend to run about 10 weeks, so pray for me because I am having to fool my brain, shopping for 50-degree weather while I sit in a 2-piece and sip sweet tea with crushed ice.  It is a skill really (not really, but let me have my moment).  What super-human skill are you employing? You can tell me, I won't tell.

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