Ciao 2021, Hey Boo - 2022!

2020 was the longest year EVER!!! I felt like it had 730 days and each day had 48 hours. Then 2021 came in and lasted about 3 months, I didn't even have a full year to completely miss accomplishing the resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year, ha ha. In those "3 months" I learned a lot about me, which is certainly understandable because since I am working from home and only have one more bird left in the nest, I spend a lot of time with ME.  I said good-bye to more family and friends in one year than I have in 3 years combined, I was stretched as a "boss" and "entrepreneu-HER" and learned how to sit in the hard places and embrace the uncomfortable.  But when time passes quickly and the fragility of life is highlighted, I am also reminded of my "why not?" Instead of spending time trying to hold on to everything, I learned to let go; release what is not working for you, release what is too comfortable, release those jeans that no longer fit as evidenced by the stomach cramps caused when you sit down because the band is so tight (ok, I am talking just to myself here).  If we are so busy holding on, we can't be open to what is on its way.  It is hard to put gifts into a tightly closed fist, but a hand that is wide open is a sign of availability to grasp what's coming.  So many things can benefit from a good release: friends' lists, closets, refrigerators, attics, our hearts.  So I challenge you as I challenge myself, take whatever 2021 handed out, extract that which will contribute to you soaring into your dreams, straighten your crown and toss everything else. Hey 2022, we see you....and we are coming in hot!

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