Pre-Gaming the Holiday Retail Rush

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Have you checked out how "E-Z" it is to shop with us? We accept PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, ShopPay, most major credit cards and so many more payment platforms! We are currently working on reviewing installment payment vendors to make it even "E-Z-er". We realize that online shopping can take place from any device, and we want checking out to be less work than deciding what to wear!

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No, we won't share your information with anyone outside of the team that helps me run this sweet boutique. No, I won't spam you with a bunch of emails everytime I think of you, which is probably alot.

Yes, I will email you when I upload new inventory or have a promotion scheduled. Think of "ZF" as the girlfriend who is always in the know and keeps you informed, because you're too busy to stay on top of EVERYTHING.

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Wardrobe & Accessories

Clothes are a silent communicator. They can be used to express your mood, echo your goals and make statements. Accessories act as the "hype-men", cheering your outfit on and making sure everyone sees how great it is.

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"I went to church a little out of my comfort zone but also feelin' myself a bit."

(Black & White Animal Print Jumpsuit)


"It is really comfortable! Does it come in other colors?"

(Abstract print, drawstring jumpsuit)


"I like the jump suit. It's very chic, ooh la la."

(Woven Cream Jumpsuit)